How To Build A Stone Fire Pit

Backyard Bliss and a Barbecue!

These days you don’t have to head off into the mountains to get that warm campfire feeling. It brings families and friends closer together as they sit around the fire, drinking beer, telling stories. A fire pit keeps the fire controlled and a little safer and manageable. Not to mention the mess that would be there without a fire pit in the backyard. You will find what you need to build a stone fire pit at a hardware or garden center near you.

Follow these simple directions to build a stone fire pit.

  1. stone fire pitYou can place the bricks or stone in the shape you want on the ground and get and outline. Another method is to put a pole or stake in the center of the area you want the fire pit, cut a piece of rope to three feet and use some duct tape to hold it to the bottom of the pole where it meets the ground. Extend the rope and turn it to create a circle around the center pole.
  2. Use a shovel to flatten the area or remove any grass or weeds. You should have a fairly perfect circle in the ground at a depth of about 6 inches.
  3. With the pole in the same place, cut the rope to a length that accounts for the width of the stones that will be used to create the fire pit wall. If the stones are 6 inches wide, your string should be 30 inches long. Use marking paint to draw a circle inside the ring.
  4. Pour a layer of cement in the outer circle, making sure to use a trowel to create a flat surface. If you are using a steel ring, now is the time to put it in the center. The steel ring will help keep the heat off the stone, therefore preventingtthe stone may crack under the heat of a fire over time.
  5. Add a layer of stones into the wet cement, creating a circle. Use mortar to add several layers of stone to create the walls. You can skip the cement foundation and mortar and dry stack the stones if you like. They won’t be as stable, but some of the stones you find are designed to stack on top of one another and will hold fairly steady.

In Conclusion

Building a stone fire pit is not a complicated task, but you can get done within a couple of hours. Head out back and decide where you want your fire pit and how big you want it and then head to your local hardware or garden store to pick up what you need to get started. For Landscaping help you can count on Frisco Sod Grass to assist you.  Those stones can be very heavy, so let us do the heavy lifting.

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  1. Feels good to hear that I don’t need to go to the mountains to enjoy the campfires. With the stone fire pit, I can enjoy awesome moments at home. But I seem confused a bit. Can I build the stone fire pit in my wide compound too? As I have a very small backyard.


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