Sod Prices

Need premium sod installation pricing?  For an accurate quote, please contact us with the square footage you’ll need for sod installation.

Each pallet of sod will cover approximately 450 sq. ft.

Installed Estimated Pricing:

Pricing varies greatly from season to season and also depends on availability.  These prices below are just estimates and may or may not reflect our current pricing for the North Dallas area.

Bermuda grass – Common/Tiff 419

1 pallet – $550 +tax

2+ pallets – $450/each

tifway 419 bermuda sod grass installed prices

Palmetto St. Augustine grass

1 pallet – $650 +tax

2+ pallets – $550/each

st augustine grass care texas

Zoysia grass

1 pallet – $750 +tax

2+ pallets – $650/each

palisades zoysia sod grass installed prices
Sod prices tend to fluctuate depending upon factors such as market demand, location, climate, and production practices.  Contact us for an accurate sod installation quote.