Types of Grass

types of grass for north texasThere are a multitude of grass varieties, brands but there are basically only 2 grass types: Cool Season type grasses and Warm Season type grasses. Each grass type is suited primarily for one or the other seasons. Here at Frisco Lawn Pros, we want to help you understand the difference.

Cool Season Grasses

Cool season grasses are best suited for cooler climates and thrive between the temperatures of 60-75⁰F.

The most commonly used cool season grasses are: Bluegrass, Ryegrass, and Fescue.

Germination Period: 14-28 days. Dark green color. Fine thick characteristics. Requires good drainage and acid soil. Grows in sun within cool climates. Good for play areas, quick cover, sloped, and terraces. Excellent for general utility. Kentucky bluegrass is the most widely used turfgrass in the Midwest US. It is used on athletic fields, home lawns, golf course fairways, parks, cemeteries.

Annual bluegrass is considered a weed although it is cultured as a desirable plant in pure stands. It is only found where irrigation is available and thus it is usually limited to highly managed turf.

Warm Season Grasses

A grass that grows best in the summer but turns brown in the winter (ex. Bermuda, zoysia, centipede). Example: If you keep the weeds out of it, a tan Bermuda lawn looks really attractive in the winter.  These are the best types of grass to use in Frisco, TX and surrounding areas of North Texas.