Garden Fencing Ideas to Keep Dogs Out

dog in yardYou are lucky if you have enough backyard space to make your garden for yourself. But keeping your dog out of the garden is quite a difficult job. That’s why you should have fences in your backyard. It will help you to protect your garden. It can also enhance your yard, and will stop your dog from approaching the plants.

There are many ideas about garden fencing. You can use whatever your garden suits. Make sure your dog can also enjoy these fences. It will help them to stretch their legs and do some exercise. Just make sure your dog is comfortable in the garden.

1. Landscaping

Landscaping is a way to keep your dog away from your plants. If your dog loves to play in the garden, then you can use this idea. It will make your dog jump harder than before. You can plant some plants in the fencing line or erect a line of trellises. So even if your dog wants, he will not be able to jump or walk in the garden.

You can use, bricks, stones, pebbles, etc. With these materials, you can make a landscape in your garden. This one is the best idea for a small garden. It will also enhance your backyard design.

2.Redundant Fences

A fence-within-a-fence is a redundant fence. It will help you to stop your dog from coming to your garden. You can keep an indestructible Great Dane bed in this fence. Your dog will live in this fence, as it is much larger than a crate- plenty of room for him to play. It will also keep your dog safe, and prevent him from getting lost..

Just make sure you check the reaction of your dog before installing it in the garden. Because sometimes it can cause separation anxiety. So you should check it.

3.Bamboo or Reed Rolls

If your dog always tries to jump in your garden after seeing the plants, then you can install a bamboo or reed rolls. It won’t cost you too much money or time. They are easily available in the market. However, if you want to do some DIY, then this one would be the best fence for you.

It will look nice in your garden. You need to use 4 to 6 foot high panels for it. 

4. L-Footer

If your dog loves to dig, then you better get this l-footer in your garden. You need to lay down this wire fencing against the bottom of your fence. You can also use some rocks or stones in it. It will prevent your dog from coming to the plants.

5. Concrete Footer

You can post some concrete in your fence line. So even if your dog is a heavy digger, this will create a hard barrier he can’t penetrate. This may take a good amount of time to install, but it’s worth it.

6.Coyote Rollers

Coyote Rollers are aluminum extruded ribbed rollers. It stops your dog from getting to your plants. It is a simple and safe way to protect your garden from dogs. Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about its maintenance.

7. Lean-Ins

If your dog is a pro jumper, then you can use Lean-In fencing. It will also add extra security to your garden. But because of it, you may need to use the top rated cordless pole saws to maintain your trees and plants.

We all know dogs don’t ruin your garden intentionally. As a dog and garden lover, you also need to make sure you are keeping both of them safe. Attractive, effective fencing is a great way to achieve this.

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