5 Simple Flower Bed Ideas

Someones Junk is Your Treasure!

Growing flowers requires a container, soil, water, a little fertilizer and some creativity. These 5 simple flower bed ideas will inspire you to turn junk into flower beds. With a little imagination and creativity you too can make some simply awesome flower beds.


toolbox-flower-bedOld tool boxes are great for planting flowers. Not only do they add that rustic look but they are perfectly mobile so if you need to move your flower bed from one location to another, you can do so easily. This is a little twist on traditional container gardens and a great one at that. You can sit the tool box on the deck rail if you don’t really have enough room in the yard for a flower bed or even attach it to the rail or a fence. The metal adds a great touch to the garden and if you don’t have an old rusted tool box, you can pick them up at yard sales or flea markets for practically nothing.


Old Tires

tire-bedsInstead of hauling old tires off to the dump, recycle them into a great flower bed. You just have to paint the tires (this step is optional) and then arrange them however you want. You can use all different types and sizes of tires to give your flower bed a great and unique look and use different colors for each tire to really make this a focal point in your yard. Tire planters are so easy to do and they can be used on ground that is not really right for planting. You just add some potting soil to the center and plant your blooms in that.



boot-planterYou really do not need a lot of yard space in order to have a gorgeous flower garden. If you don’t have any place in your yard that you can build a flower bed, consider using other areas instead. Old rubber rain boots are perfect for adding a little color and you can create a beautiful flower garden right on the side of a fence. You just plant in the boots and then hang them wherever you want. These are great for hanging on trees that are inside your flower bed or on decks as well.


Chest of Drawers

chest-of-drawersDid we mention that furniture can be great for use as a flower bed? This chest of drawers has been recycled to create a stunning flower bed and one that doesn’t really need a lot of space to grow. The drawers are perfect for planting rows of flowers and you can add containers on top with other blooms in them. Or, you could use containers all the way around, whatever you prefer. Paint or stain your chest or dresser beforehand or just give it a little sanding to make it look older and more rustic.


Wooden Log

old-log-flower-bedsIf you want something really unique (and beautiful) and you have a few old logs around the yard, simply hollow out the inside and plant your flowers. These are also great for use as a border for your flower bed. Just choose smaller logs and plant something that doesn’t grow very high. Place the logs around your flower bed and you’ll have a border that also works as planters for different types of blooms.

You can make flower beds out of just about anything, for instance look around your house or neighborhood garage sales. You just need a container to hold the soil, plants and some water.  Add some drainage and some fertilizer and you should be good. Lets recap the list!

  1. Toolbox
  2. Old Tires
  3. Boots
  4. Chest of Drawers
  5. Wooden Log

5 Simple flower bed ideas will add to your landscape’s charm and personality.  For larger landscape projects the require a professional touch and know how, call Ryno Lawn Care. they are the preferred partner for  Frisco Sod Grass.

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  1. Sometimes, when I think about having flower beds, I often get tired and debunk the thought because I lack enticing flower bed ideas. Reading this article, I found that ‘wooden log’ is definitely worth giving a try.


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